Black Sorority and Hair Culture

Black Sororities: Embracing Sisterhood and Black Hair Culture - Part 1

In our Greek life community, Black sororities hold a special place as symbols of sisterhood, unity, and empowerment. Our organizations go beyond cultural and social influence; they provide us with vital spaces where Black women can honor their heritage, including the journey of caring for Black hair.

For many of us, hair care intersects with every fact of our lives as black women.  Here, I begin a journey exploring the perhaps not so obvious intersection of sorority life and yes, hair care. 

While overall , black sororities serve as supportive environments where we can authentically express ourselves, including through our hairstyles. Unlike mainstream society, where Eurocentric beauty standards often dictate acceptable hair norms, Black sororities in large part celebrate the diversity and beauty of natural Black hair textures and styles. This celebration is usually not merely about aesthetics but about reclaiming and affirming cultural identity and pride.

Within the context of Black sororities, natural hair care holds deep cultural and personal significance. From the intricate braiding techniques passed down through generations to the symbolic meaning of certain hairstyles, Black hair embodies resilience, heritage, and self-expression. Photographs of Founding members show trail blazing women with various styles of perfectly coiffed hair.  Sorority rituals and traditions often incorporate elements of Black hair care, reinforcing the connection between hair and identity within these sisterhoods.

Moreover, Black sororities provide a supportive community where sisters uplift and empower each other in their hair care journeys. From sharing tips and product recommendations to attending natural hair events and workshops together, sorority members cultivate an environment of acceptance and celebration of natural beauty. Through these collective experiences, bonds of sisterhood are strengthened, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity among members.

Furthermore, embracing natural hair within Black sororities is not just about personal expression; it's also a form of activism and resistance against societal norms that marginalize Black hair. By proudly wearing their natural hair, sorority members challenge stereotypes and advocate for greater representation and acceptance of diverse beauty standards. In doing so, they contribute to a broader conversation about inclusivity and equity in society.

In essence, the intersection of Black sororities and Black hair care is a celebration of identity, culture, and sisterhood. It represents a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and collective action. By embracing their natural hair within these esteemed sisterhoods, Black women reaffirm their beauty, resilience, and pride, leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come.

But, today's there a trend away from natural hair to more Eurocentric styling? Again?  Let's explore over the next few weeks, this Initiation season's trend toward long, straight, shakeable hair...

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